Klamath Basin Refuges photo book by Brett Cole

Klamath Wetlands

One of my biggest projects, the Klamath Basin in California and Oregon (map) is a globally important area for birds. Most of the wetlands have been lost to farming, but there's excellent restoration potential. It's a special place, and one of the most compelling conservation stories in the world. This book is full of beautiful images of wild birds and wetland ecosystems. Learn more about the Klamath refuges and the current conservation status by visiting Oregon Wild.

Monteverde Cloud Forest, Costa Rica photos by Brett Cole

Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve

The official photo book of the Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve in Costa Rica, published in hardcover by the Tropical Science Center in 2006. I carried out all photography and layout. One of the best-known tropical protected areas in the world, Monteverde is beautiful and diverse, and is a model for tropical conservation. The book is in English and Spanish.

India street (stray) dogs photo book by Brett Cole

Dogs of India

There are untold millions of stray dogs in India, and many of them are hungry, sick, or injured. Full of revealing images, a recommended read if you love dogs. Also see Mojo (below), and Slum Dogs of India by Eloise Leyden. Get involved by supporting the Tree of Life for Animals in Pushkar. Note: This book contains graphic images. Contact me to receive a PDF copy of this book.

Las Nubes Costa Rica rainforest photo book by Brett Cole

Las Nubes

Published by York University Ontario in 2012. I carried out all of the photography. Forward by Adrian Forsyth. This beautiful 162-page hardcover book documents the Alexander Skutch Biological Corridor in Costa Rica, home to the Las Nubes Rain Forest reserve and the Los Cusingos Neotropical Bird Sanctuary. York also works with area farmers to import shade-grown coffee. Not available to read online.

India dog rescue photo book by Brett Cole

Mojo & The Tree of Life

Sitting lifeless on a street in the desert city of Jaisalmer in western India... follow Mojo's odyssey hundreds of miles to the Tree of Life For Animals rescue center in Pushkar. 200 photos and 15,000 words of text. Note: This book contains graphic images. Also see Dogs of India above. Contact me to receive a PDF copy of this book.

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