Klamath Basin Refuges & wetlands photos by Brett Cole

Klamath National Wildlife Refuges

The Klamath Basin in Oregon and California once held one of the greatest wetlands in the world. The embattled National Wildlife Refuges in the heart of the Basin are a unique and compelling conservation story. One of my biggest projects, I documented the Klamath wildlife refuges over several years. Read my Klamath book and visit Oregon Wild below to learn more.


Endangered Baboons, South Africa

Chacma Baboons have lived sustainably on the gorgeous Cape Peninsula for a million years. Now they're on the brink of extirpation due to habitat loss, a stagnant gene pool, electrocution on power lines, and residents who shoot, poison, and run them over. I worked with the NGO Baboon Matters in 2008-2009, creating a comprehensive photo documentation.

India street dog photos by Brett Cole

India Street Dogs

There are millions of street dogs in India (stray dogs), and many are in poor condition. I've documented street dogs across India, carried out rescues, documented the work of shelters and animal hospitals, and I've written two full-length photo books on the subject. Get involved by supporting heroic groups like Tree of Life for Animals in Pushkar.

East Calcutta Wetlands, India photos by Brett Cole

East Calcutta Wetlands, India

The East Calcutta Wetlands is a vast network of farms, wetlands, shallow lakes, sewage treatment ponds, quaint fishing villages, and the main landfill for Calcutta. It's a strange, beautiful, and incredible place that is now coveted by developers. In 2012-13 I created the only detailed photo documentation of the area.

Costa Rica rain forest photos by Brett Cole

Rain Forests & Shade-Grown Coffee, Costa Rica

I've spent about five months documenting the Alexander Skutch Biological Corridor in Costa Rica, including the Las Nubes and Los Cusingos Reserves, for York University's (Ontario, Canada) Fisher Fund for Neotropical Conservation and the Tropical Science Center. York also works with area farmers to import shade-grown coffee from the region.

Wetland conservation and wild bird photos by Brett Cole

Endangered Wetlands of the World

I really love wetlands, and I've had the opportunity to document some of the great wetlands of the world, almost all of which are unfortunately severely degraded and endangered due to lack of water, farming, urban development, and cows. I've worked in the Klamath Basin, Chesapeake Bay, Strandfontein (South Africa), Keoladeo (India), Copper River Delta (Alaska), and East Calcutta Wetlands (India).

Monteverde Cloud Forest photos and Costa Rica rain forest pictures by Brett Cole

Monteverde Cloud Forest, Costa Rica

I had the honor to serve as a regular photographer for the Tropical Science Center (CCT) and the Monteverde Preserve for several years, and to illustrate and design the official photo book of the Preserve. Monteverde is one of the best-known tropical preserves in the world and is full of amazing plants and animals.

Temperate rain forest photos and Pacific Northwest forest pictures by Brett Cole

Pacific Northwest Temperate Rain Forests

Stretching from Alaska to the California Redwoods, famous for big trees, bears, and salmon, it's also one of the most heavily logged regions in the world. I've done photo field work, web design, video production, and mapping projects for various conservation groups. I've spent six months in the Great Bear Rainforest of British Columbia in support of First Nations.


Culture & People of Cusco, Peru

One of my favorite places in the world, I've spent several months in Cusco documenting people and culture, and in the nearby Tambopata Basin in the Amazon. Cusco is the heart of the former Inca empire. It's a really special place that I am thankful to know and to be able to share. My photographs of Cusco have been published by the Peruvian Embassy and by the Smithsonian.

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